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Legal forms program that can be used for legal divorce, bankruptcy forms, probate forms, and many more legal cases in judicial court.

Download Site 1       Download Site 2       Download Site 3       Buy Now $45.95

File Size:4,622 KB System:Windows 95/98/ME/2000/XP
License:Free to try ($45.95) Limitations:function limitation
Date Added:04-24-2006 Requirements:Pentium II 300 recommended

Main menu - Autoforms
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Software Description:
Autoforms was established to electronically publish the entire California Judicial Council forms using Adobe Portable Document Format technology. Autoforms is the leader in judicial council forms management and eliminates the need to keep up a costly inventory of Judicial Council forms. Now the dozens of categorized and sub-categorized forms are available electronically, reducing the time and space required to process paper forms. This is a program that California residents shouldn't be without.

Well, all the forms you need to accomplish those and all other legal situations are in Autoforms. Autoforms contains all of the approved and mandated California Judicial Council forms. There are over 600 forms in the program. The forms in Autoforms come from within the program. All the fillable areas on the forms are highlighted and you simply tab, type, and then print.

Bi-annual updates with new and revised California Judicial Council forms are available in January and July of each year.

Key Features:
  • Are you ready to file for a divorce from your spouse, but can't afford the attorney fees?
  • Is filing for bankruptcy a way to get financially back on your feet?
  • Do you need legal protection from someone who is physically and/or emotionally abusing you?
  • Do you have to take care of a loved ones will and testament after they have passed away?
  • Do you want the money owed to you by someone settled and ordered by the courts?
  • Do you want to fight a traffic ticket?
Editor's Review:
Most people have not enough money to retain an attorney. For California residents, they can file certain legal forms by themselves and pleading their own case with Autoforms. Autoforms was established to electronically publish the entire California Judicial Council forms using Adobe Portable Document Format technology.

You can fill, correct or clear California Judicial Council forms electronically on your computer, and print completed legal forms. It saves hundreds of dollars in attorney fees.

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