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Project Management

VIP Organizer VIP Organizer 2.71 -VIP Organizer is a time and task management software which uses To Do List method to help you get through more work spending less time.
Download 1 |  Download 2 |  Buy Now |  Screenshot   5.95 MB    OS: Win 2K, XP, 2003
Project Budget Manager Project Budget Manager -It is a cost control program for projects with budgets as small as $500 and as large as $5,000,000 or larger. Developed for engineers rather than accountants, Project Budget Manager emphasizes control of project costs in preference to accounting for them after the fact.
Download 1 |  Download 2 |  Buy Now |  Screenshot   4.05 MB    OS: Win 2K, XP, 2003
Gantt Chart - a modern and extremely easy-in-use project plan system which allows you to specify complex tasks sequences.
RemodelCOST Estimator for Excel 3.01 - It is an MS Excel based, easy-to-use tool for estimating remodel construction costs. It has built-in data such as unit prices and city cost indexes...
AllNetic Working Time Tracker 2.1 - AllNetic Working Time Tracker is the application to track how much time you spend on different projects and tasks.
GoalEnforcer 1.5 - GoalEnforcer-The user friendly purely visual goal setting, planning and managing tool. It can help you: set your goals; Organize your goal plan; Track your progress...
MinuteManPlus 7.4a - MinuteMan Project Management Software is a comprehensive, easy to learn, and inexpensive way to rapidly manage your projects.
PlanBee Pro Critical Path Project Management 2.0e - If you can use a computer, you can set up a project in PlanBee. It's even easier than most spreadsheet applications, yet with a similar interface.
Visual TimeAnalyzer 1.4 - Visual TimeAnalyzer tracks all computer activities automatically and analyzes these graphically.
FloorCOST Estimator for Excel 2.95 - The world's best way to create office productivity is now the easiest way to build accurate flooring cost estimates.
GeneralCOST Estimator for Excel 3.02 - GeneralCOST Estimator for Excel is a useful tool for most people, such as general contractors, remodelers, cost estimators, professionals and so on.
HomeCOST Estimator for Excel 2.91 - It will create Fast and Accurate Home Construction and Valuation Estimates with ease.
JobCOST Controller for Excel 2.11 - Job Cost Accounting Software - Track Your Project Expenses Effectively and Increase Profits.
RepairCOST Estimator for Excel 3.50 - It is the right tool to save you time and earn you money in preparing property loss estimates. And, big savings over the expensive alternative, Xactimate.
RoofCOST Estimator for Excel 2.95 - Designed specifically for roofing contractors, home remodelers, builders, cost estimators and architects.
oneStep 1.201 - oneStep is simple yet powerful collaborative shareware for document or file sharing on the Internet.
Project Master 2.0 - With this program you create Microsoft Excel Gantt charts, schedules and reports quickly and easily. It's one step solution to manage your project schedule, costs, risks and issues.
Strategy2Act 1.2 - A business strategy building utility that supports building a balanced scorecard system for a company, department or a sole person.
Advanced Time Reports Palm 6.5.45 - Time tracking and project management software for palm devices that can synchronize with ATR Personal or ATR Professional easily.
Multi Project Planner 2.1 - It's wonderful project management software that helps you manage your project, allocate tasks to your employee efficiently.
RiskyProject 1.3 - Plan, schedule, analyse quantitative risk, and perform measurement of projects with multiple risks and uncertainties.
Task Manager 1.0 - A task assign and manage tool that improves the efficiency of assigning tasks and reporting finished or pending tasks.
DevPlanner 2.3.33 - DevPlanner is a time planning and to-do list software that allows keeping track of projects, personal tasks, and other activities.
RightChoiceDSS Standard - RightChoiceDSS is a decision support software tool that models complex decision using the analytic hierarchy process (AHP) developed at the Wharton School of Business by Thomas Saaty.
ScheduleEZ PRO 2.6.2 -ScheduleEZ was designed so that there is virtual no learning curve. Clear concise screens and simple one button clicks that automatically schedule all jobs, assigning only those who are qualified and available.
The Job Log 3.1 - The Job Log is designed for the small business that wants to track calls coming into their help desk and/or the customer service department for follow up after assigning support personnel to resolve the issue.
Timesheet Xpress 9.2 - Timesheet and time tracking software for teams, workgroups & individuals, extensive reporting gives you in-depth information which you could not easily get with Excel or paper based systems.
PaintCOST Estimator for Excel 4.00 - It contains industry-standard user modifiable cost data and intelligent takeoff area calculator. Generate estimates by convenient space/room breakdown...

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