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MinuteManPlus 7.4a - User Guide and FAQ

Screenshots - More Details

Print Charts Easily

    Project Management Software has some unique printing requirements - some of the charts can get quite large! To minimize the need for taping many "standard" size sheets of paper to represent one larger drawing, MinuteMan:
  • Supports printing of Timelines and Pert Charts on up to Size C (22"x17") paper
  • All Views (Pert, Timeline, and Work Outline) can be output to Graphics Files. You can include these files into Word Processor documents where you can shrink/stretch them as needed. Even more important, you can then email the files to others who can view them just using their own Word Processors. Many other Project Management tools require that the recipient purchase another copy of the tool just to view the charts.
  • The schedule may also be exported to a file format compatible with Microsoft Project or Spreadsheet programs.

Frequently Asked Questions - MinuteManPlus

  1. Can MinuteMan accept or create Microsoft Project "MPX" or "MPP" Files?
    The program read and write Microsoft Project "MPX" files. The list of tasks, start/end/duration, links between tasks, and resources are transferred by this method.

    MinuteMan and MinuteManPlus read and write MPX and CSV (Spreadsheet) file formats as used by Microsoft Project.
    The following information is transferred:
    1.list of tasks (200 tasks per project)
    2.durations and start/end dates
    3.links between tasks

Screenshots - More Details

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