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RepairCOST Estimator for Excel 3.50 - User Guide and FAQ

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Frequently Asked Questions - RepairCOST Estimator for Excel

  1. Standard cost item quantities are indicated as 1.00. I can't edit the values on the Estimate worksheet?
    You should not edit any cells directly on the worksheet. Instead, click on the row to edit, then select the Edit Cost Item submenu from RepairCOST menu. The changes will automatically be updated in the Estimate worksheet under program control.

  2. How can I add and customize data in RepairCOST data sheets?
    To add, insert a blank row where your data should appear. To edit, simply change the data by overwriting it (See RepairCOST Help for more on adding data to lists).

  3. Can I add, delete or change worksheet names?
    You can not add or delete worksheets that will integrate with the system. However, you may change the worksheet names for cost categories. Remember, each name must be one word (no spaces). After changes, save and reopen for the RepairCOST menu to be generated.

  4. How do I create the estimate report?
    Select the appropriate report from RepairCOST menu. The report will be automatically created on a separate workbook.

  5. How can I save the estimate report?
    Use Excel's Save As function.

  6. How do I save the estimate report?
    Switch to the newly created Excel estimate report file. Then simply use Excel's File > Save As function.

  7. Why are item quantities are indicated as 1.00 (one) in the Estimate?
    Because RepairCOST does not initially know your takeoff quantities. These are highlighted in red borders. It is essential to edit each additional item entry and change the quantity to the correct amount.

  8. After I create a report how can I go back to the Estimate?
    Click on the "RepairCOST.xls" button from the Taskbar.

Screenshots - More Details

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