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Addintools Assist - User Guide and FAQ

Screenshots - More Details

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How to Convert Data Type to Texts with Addintools Assist

Addintools Assist
Select several cells and click here to convert data of the selected cells to text type.
In these cases it is very useful:
1. You do not want some cells to be summarized .
2. Digit data always be regarded as Number, but you want to regard it as text. See snap 3.

Before Converter
Addintools Assist

After Converter
Addintools Assist
Note: The conversion converts the text of cells rather than the value of cells.

Snap 3
Addintools Assist

After converting A2 and A3 to text
Addintools Assist

If you want to convert 5% (number type) to "0.05" (text type) rather than "5%", please select "Format Cells" to change the format of it to "general format cells", then click "Convert data of cells to Text" button.

Frequently Asked Questions - Addintools Assist

  1. Error: Cann't close the task pane( clipboard) in Excel
    If you have installed the Assist on your computer, then install Pup, the task pane in Excel may not be closed.

    The method to solved:
    1. Click the start menu in Windows: "Start >> Run", then enter "Regedit", to run Regedit to edit registry, and delete the key "HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Office\10.0\Common\Toolbars\Settings\Microsoft Excel", then close Regedit. When you restart Excel, this key will be rebuild, the Close Button will appear again.

    After this error solved, the error will no longer appeared.

  2. Why i cann't lock/unlock these cells
    1. Try to unprotected the worksheet.
    2. Can't lock/unlock part of a merged cell. Try to lock/unlock the whole merged cell.

  3. Why some functions works abnormally
    Because these functions need Changing appearance of worksheet, if the worksheet has been protected, the change will fail.

    These functions include:
    Cell Lens -- Data Type; Cell Lens -- Locked/Unlocked; Screen Ruler.

    Unprotect the worksheet and workbook before you launching these functions. You can protect them again after closing these functions.

  4. How AddinTools interprets two-digit years
    This rule looks like Excel:
    Ensure that year values are interpreted as you intended as four digits (2001, rather than 01). By entering four digits for the years, won't interpret the century for you.

    AddinTools for Excel interprets the year as follows:

    00 through 29 interprets the two-digit year values 00 through 29 as the years 2000 through 2029. For example, if you type the date 5/28/19, it assumes the date is May 28, 2019.
    30 through 99 Interprets the two-digit year values 30 through 99 as the years 1930 through 1999. For example, if you type the date 5/28/98, it assumes the date is May 28, 1998.

Screenshots - More Details

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