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menuDate for Excel 1.3.f - User Guide and FAQ

Screenshots - More Details

Frequently Asked Questions - menuDate for Excel

  1. Can I send a workbook that I use with menuData to a computer that is not equipped with menuData?
    Yes. menuData doesn't change any of the ways MS-Excel workbooks may be used. This is true of any situation on any computer. Indeed, when the workbook is sent back to you it will have retained all of the menuData environment. Before sending a workbook to a workstation not equipped with menuData, we recommend that you save the file after displaying all the columns(Button ). If this is not done, the recipient will simply have to unhide the hidden columns manually (Format/Columns/Display).

  2. Is it necessary to close the menuData window to access the data in my workbook?
    The answer depends on the version of MS-Excel being used.

    With MS-Excel 2000, XP and 2003, the menuData window is superimposed over the MS-Excel window and the user can continue to work in the MS-EXCEL environment. He has complete choice in the way that the menuData window is displayed: list of buttons always displayed, menuData window shrunk or completely closed.

    With MS-Excel 97, the menuData window is superimposed over the MS-Excel window but it must be closed in order to access both MS-Excel functions and the spreadsheet. A single click on the menuData button in the tool bar will re-display the menuData window.

  3. Can several workbooks or spreadsheets be worked on at the same time?
    Yes. When several workbooks or spreadsheets are open in MS-Excel and are being used with menuData, menuData detects the current spreadsheet as soon as the mouse moves into its window. menuData is automatically displayed with data from the active spreadsheet menu.

    However, if a spreadsheet managed on a MS-Excel XP or higher version is sent to a MS-Excel 2000 or 97 version, the menu environment will have to be rebuilt on this spreadsheet.

Screenshots - More Details

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