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Rotating-10 Excel Shift Scheduler 4.81

It creates rotating (or non-rotating) schedules for up to 10 employees

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File Size:2,431 KB System:Windows 95/98/ME/NT/2000/XP/2003
License:Free to try ($99) Limitations:display the first employee
Date Added:04-18-2006 Requirements:windows

Rotating-10 Excel Shift Scheduler
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Software Description:
The "Rotating-10" spreadsheet creates rotating (or non-rotating) schedules for up to 10 employees. You can also specify vacation days and other miscellaneous days off for each employee and then assign the missed shifts to other employees. A companion spreadsheet, "Campaign Maker-10", has been provided to assist you in developing your rotating schedules. The "Tours" spreadsheet includes 103 pre-defined rotations that you can use to define 8, 10 and 12 hour shifts.

A schedule consists of shifts, legs, tours and campaigns as defined below: Shift: A specified number of consecutive hours that an employee works in a 24 hour period. Leg: A time period of one or more days in which daily shifts are assigned. One week and two week legs are common. This spreadsheet can have up to 42 days in a single leg. Tour: A group of one or more legs. Campaign: One or more tours. Schedule: One or more Campaigns.

Key Features:
  • Assigns Shifts Only to Qualified Employees
  • Uses Daily Staffing Level Requirements
  • Enforces Rest Time Between Shifts
  • Rotates Shifts and Days Off Among Your Employees
  • Keeps Track of Overtime Assignments and Recommends OT Candidates
  • Schedules Employees for up to 52 weeks
  • Charts Show Shift Coverage for up to 52 Weeks
  • Produces Individual and Group Schedules
  • Can Schedule People to Work Fixed Shifts or Rotating Shifts
  • Up to 200 Shifts or Locations Per Day Can be Scheduled
  • Easily handles Vacations and Vacation Shift Coverage
  • Can Transfer Your Schedule Into Your Outlook Calendar, PDA or Smart Phone
Editor's Review:
Rotating-10 Excel Shift Scheduler contains Scheduling Sheet, Vacations Sheet, vCalendar Sheet, and Daily Details. So it helps us make our schedules, assign vocations and daily work easily.

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