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Rotating-25 Excel Shift Scheduler 4.81

It creates rotating (or non-rotating) schedules for up to 25 employees

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File Size:4,042 KB System:Windows 95/98/ME/NT/2000/XP/2003
License:Free to try ($199) Limitations:display the first employee
Date Added:04-19-2006 Requirements:windows

Rotating-25 Excel Shift Scheduler
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Software Description:
Schedule one or two people to dozens (or hundreds) of locations on a rotating basis. Security services like to do this to constantly change guard assignments. EMT services also do this to staff their vehicles 24/7.

Schedule dozens (or hundreds) of people to 2 or 3 daily work shifts to provide 24/7/365 coverage. You can schedule dozens of different shifts if that's what you need. You can have any combination of shift lengths and shift staffing each day of the week. We have provided our Rotating Shift Schedulers to many manufacturing plants, refineries, police departments and fire departments around the world.

Vacations and vacation coverage are easily scheduled. And, after you create your 52 week basic rotation, you can change it any way you want to switch shifts between your people or to cover training, medical leave or any other contingency. You can even assign "half shifts" or other unusual shifts as required. The "Daily Coverage" sheets show you in tables and charts how many people you have scheduled for each shift each day and will alert you if your staffing levels (due to vacations, etc.) drop below a critical level.

Key Features:
  • Assigns Shifts Only to Qualified Employees
  • Uses Daily Staffing Level Requirements
  • Enforces Rest Time Between Shifts
  • Rotates Shifts and Days Off Among Your Employees
  • Keeps Track of Overtime Assignments and Recommends OT Candidates
  • Schedules Employees for up to 52 weeks
  • Charts Show Shift Coverage for up to 52 Weeks
  • Produces Individual and Group Schedules
  • Can Schedule People to Work Fixed Shifts or Rotating Shifts
  • Up to 200 Shifts or Locations Per Day Can be Scheduled
  • Easily handles Vacations and Vacation Shift Coverage
  • Can Transfer Your Schedule into Your Outlook Calendar, PDA or Smart Phon
Editor's Review:
Rotating-25 Excel Shift Scheduler can help us arrange schedule for a year. It is easy to use, because a question mark Icon is displayed next to the tables on the various sheets of the spreadsheet. If we click the question mark Icon, we will be taken to the appropriate place on the "Details" sheet where detailed instructions are provided.

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