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Easy Mail 3.1.38 - User Guide and FAQ

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Getting Started
  • Click on the Return Address menu item to enter your first return address.
  • Click on the Logo menu item to select a logo for your envelopes.
  • Optionally, click on the Envelope Feed menu item to specify the manner in which your printer accepts envelopes. If you prefer not to do this now, you will be asked to do this the first time you print an envelope.
  • Type, paste, or select an Address for the envelope
  • Click on the Print Envelope button
  • Click on the Write a Letter button
  • Type and Print the letter, or choose to Fax it.

Frequently Asked Questions - Easy Mail

  1. Q: Can I put my own image on envelopes?
    A: Easy Mail supports any image in .BMP or .WMF format. You can also use your favorite images in creating letterheads or "stationery."

  2. Q: My printer is kind of old. Will it work with Easy Mail?
    A: If your printer works with Windows, it will work with Easy Mail.

  3. Q: Do I have to change a lot of settings before I can print an envelope?
    A: If you have a printer running under Windows now, you can print from Easy Mail without making any changes at all. You do need to tell Easy Mail how you feed envelopes into your printer. This is easy, though; you just select from drawings that show the different ways it is done with different printers.

  4. Q: Are there common label and envelope sizes ready to print?
    A: Yes. Eight standard envelope sizes and sixteen standard Avery label sheets are predefined. If you need something not already setup, it only takes minutes to do so.

  5. Q: Can I change the font colors and sizes?
    A: Yes, and just as in other Windows programs, it's easy to do.

  6. Q: Can I switch between different return addresses and logos?
    A: Yes, and you can have as many different layouts as you need.

  7. Q: Can I use preprinted envelopes and labels with Easy Mail?
    A: Yes. You have total control over where items print on your envelopes and labels. In fact, you may decide to eliminate the extra cost of preprinted stationery because Easy Mail makes it so easy to print your own.

  8. Q: Can I use Easy Mail to print postcards?
    A: Yes. For the address fields, you may want to modify one of the predefined envelope sizes, but this only takes a couple of minutes. If you want to print text on the other side, you just have to set the margins in the editor.

Screenshots - More Details

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