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eDocPrinter PDF Pro 6.18 - User Guide and FAQ

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Advanced Toolboxes

Advanced toolbox contains extra utilities in addition to converting to PDF Files. It now includes Drag2PDF toolbox, Redirect2Print Addin, Command2Action Addin, and Text2Hash Addin. Drag2PDF accepts drag and drop files to convert to PDF automatically. Advanced toolbox requires additional Adv. toolbox licenses or proper Adv. Pack licenses to register.


Drag2PDF supports automatically conversion to PDF by dragging and dropping files directly. Users can also convert and merge all files added into one single PDF.

By default, there is a shortcut of Drag2PDF icon installed on desktop of Windows. Users can then drag files to convert to PDF. The conversion process is automatically triggered by the "Print" action defined with the file type extension association in Windows shell. For example, ".doc" files will be recognized by launching Word application to print to eDocPrinter PDF Pro to PDF. Files with extension not recognized will not be converted.

When option [Use Office-addin for .doc .xls .ppt -> PDF] is checked on, Drag2PDF will automate office-addin to convert these office documents into PDF with addin options like converting internal links and cross references. For existing PDF files, when converting individually, these files will be processed based on options assigned, e.g., overlay with, or signed by PDFSealer, or just kept as original. When selecting action as "Convert and Merge into one PDF file", these PDF files will be appended to the final PDF sequentially by default.

Unregistered version of Drag2PDF will pop the trial property dialog periodically when doing conversion to PDF files and stamp trial watermarks when processing or merging existing PDF files. It needs separate registration key for Drag2PDF toolbox or bundled license key to activate it to a registered version. Users can update and view the license information on the [About] page of Drag2PDF.

Redirect2Print Addin

Redirect2Print Addin - Support redirecting current print job to other printers simultaneously. Since 6.16, users can enable redirecting current print job to other printers when creating the PDF. Users have to enable "Enable redirecting current print job to:" In the [Redirect] property page. This option cannot be controlled by embedded commands on the fly. It must be set by registry or UI in the profile settings before starting print job.

Users can select and add printers available into redirect list. It can redirect to multiple printers. Users can also select various options for setting printers. Users can change or set the redirect printer list by embedded commands. Please refer to the embedded commands usage guide for details of syntax and usage.

When enabling option [Save print job as templates (*.pdj) for overlay/merge], it will save a pdj file with the same filename as the PDF. This print job file can be used as template for further redirect printing for merge or overlay. The option [Apply overlay/merge/watermark on redirected print jobs] will enable applying overlay/merge/watermark on redirecting. If it is false, it will redirect the only original content to printers only.

Users can also redirect the print job to eDocPrinter instances. Just users have to make sure not to recursively calling redirecting printing.

Command2Action Addin

[Command2Action Addin]: Advanced embedded commands set for supporting adding images, link action, bookmarks, named destinations, etc. It requires additional Adv. Toolbox license or Adv. Pack License. [%%acbk], [%%acln], [%%acim] are available now for adding bookmarks, links, and images. It's suitable for Database, or ERP report like applications. Please refer to the embedded commands usage guide for details of syntax and usage.

Text2Hash Addin

This toolbox addin supports to scramble font encodings to prevent copying text out of PDFs from readers. It is showed as an option in Fonts property page. When enabling it, the text and font will be processed by the addin scrambler when creating PDF from eDocPrinter. Hence when users select and copy the text from the PDF into other applications or clipboard, the content will be unreadable codes.

Frequently Asked Questions - eDocPrinter PDF Pro

  1. The pdf size generated is much larger than the original Word document when the Word document contains many tables with non-solid border style.
    Word uses bitmaps instead of graphic objects to represent the border patterns. GDI in turn will transform these into many small bitmaps to pass to the driver. With the function of image uniqueness identification, only one image object will be created for multiple identical images in the original document. This will reduce the PDF file size significantly when dealing with such Word documents and avoid memory over consumption.

  2. Is there hyperlink support in eDocPrinter PDF Pro?
    eDocPrinter PDF Pro supports 2 types hyperlink support. The one is automatically detect the pattern like http:// or others and convert them to PDF Link actions. The other is to add URL action support in text watermark. Users can define their own hyperlink action when click the text watermark area.

  3. The PDF file printed from Nero Cover Designer contains syntax error.
    Nero Cover Designer uses styled cosmetic line. Styled Cosmetic Line conversion contains error in previous builds.

  4. Some small images got color inverted in the PDF File generated
    Need to revert the RGB ordering before DeflateEncode.

  5. Does eDocPrinter PDF Pro support silent printing without prompting Save as Dialog?
    Destination control has been added. By setting proper values in the dialog, the printing process will be in silent mode. Filename auto numbering function is also added in this version.

  6. Why some printing result shows abnormal width in some drawing files?
    This is due to wrong Geometric Line width calculation when printing some drawing files. The cap and join style setting in such cases are also fixed.

Screenshots - More Details

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