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HanWJ Chinese Smart Editor - User Guide and FAQ

Screenshots - More Details

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While most features can be found on the main menu and toolbars of the real program, here we introduce you to some special features and tips.

* HanWJ Smart Editor has integrated HanWJ Chinese Input Method into itself. This makes inputing Chinese when using Smart Editor very convenient, even without any Chinese platform installed on your PC.

* On the "File" menu, there is an sub-menu "New Document Type Select"; In that dialog, you can choose document type for new file. On first install, it is set at RTF type,i.e., formated text. If you only use plain document, you can set it to GB-Text or Big5-Text, for Simplified and Traditional Chinese, respectively.

* When reading RTF file generated by HanWJ Smart Editor from Microsoft Word, please read it as RTF document. When reading file generated by Word, please save it as RTF file in Word.

* Smart Editor uses Unicode internally.

* HanWJ Smart Editor can decorate Chinese text with PinYin header for each character, in the form of either "guǎ" or, "gua3", for example.

* In HanWJ Smart Editor, PinYin letter with tone can be input by typing vowel key and quickly pressing Tone key(can be either the leftmost column of keys on keyboard or numeric keys) at the same time. e.g., pressing down 'a', then quickly pressing tab key will input 'á'.

* Smart Editor has a powerful feature of converting between Simplified and Traditional Chinese. In Tools menu, you can choose to convert whole file, or just selected text. You can choose, in System Preferencies dialog , to have HanWJ prompt you with possible choices when ambiguous character conversion situation is encountered.

* The shortcut keys for Find are:(Note:Right-Alt+K means pressing 'k' while holding down Right-Alt key)

  Find:   Right-Alt +F
  Find Next: Right-Alt +L or Ctrl+W, Right-Alt +F3

* There is a hi-lighter tool on the toolbar.

* There are a bunch of tools for recovering messed-up gb/big5 texts.

* Tools for converting letter or punctuations to full-width Chinese characters.

* Double-clicking the first, second and third sections on statusbar will bring out Input Options dialog, keymap, etc.

* Smart Editor provides second clipboard(plain text). When doing copy/paste using keyboard keys, you can access the second clipboard by pressing down Alt key additionally.

* In open/save dialogs, HanWJ remembers the recently-visited folders and you can move to these folders easily.

Screenshots - More Details

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