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WordToys 2.5.0

Enhance Word beyond your wildest dreams.

Download Site 1       Download Site 2       Download Site 3       Buy Now $19.95

File Size:1,538 KB System:Windows 2000/XP/2003
License:Free to try ($19.95) Limitations:30 days
Date Added:03-07-2006 Requirements:Microsoft Word 2000 or later

Word tool - WordToys
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Software Description:
WordToys is an add-in for Microsoft Word 2000, 2002 (XP) and 2003. With WordToys you get over 40 tools that make Microsoft Word easier to use and more fun to work with. Tabbed documents, auto-backups, unlimited doc history, and unique formatting and editing features change forever the way you work with Word. All WordToys applications can be activated by clicking a toolbar button.

Key Features:
  • Tabbed Documents: easy document switching with the Navigation Bar
  • Favorite Styles: create a graphical menu of favorite styles
  • Favorite Fonts: create a graphical menu of favorite fonts
  • Print to any printer from a menu
  • Enhanced Close/Exit buttons: 3 ways to close documents, 3 ways to exit Word
  • Hide Taskbar buttons: make Word 2000 behave like Word XP and Word 2003.
  • Favorite Print Jobs: save all settings of a print job for later use
  • Auto-Fax: one-click Fax
  • Auto-PDF: one-click PDF creation
  • Writing Tools: all language tools, settings, and statistics in one menu
  • Document Recall: unlimited document history
  • Workspaces: save and open groups of related documents
  • Doc Hopper: jump to anything
  • Auto Pilot: execute up to 20 document commands at once
  • Special Characters: create accented characters with one key-click
  • Favorite Bullets: create a graphical menu of favorite bullets
  • Quick Numbering: number paragraphs in 50 formats
  • Format Finetuner: adjust formatting to fit text within a certain space
  • Copy/Paste Formatting: copy and paste a dozen different formats
  • Enclose Text: put text between any pair of typographical characters
  • Session Auto-Backup: create timed copies of all open documents
  • Size to Fit: shrink or expand your document to any number of pages
  • Transform Document: copy, move, rename, clone, or delete your document
  • Double-Save: create backups while you save
  • Protect Privacy: remove hazardous metadata from your document
  • Jump to Heading: space-saving alternative for the Document Map
  • Copy File Info to the clipboard
  • Add Keyword: add selected words as keywords to your document
  • Total Thesaurus: all meanings of a word, and all synonyms for each meaning
  • Cut Anything/Copy Anything: use the Clipboard without making selections
  • Paste in any Format, plus a one-click option to paste text unformatted
  • Favorite Symbols: create a graphical menu of favorite symbols
  • Fast Fields: insert any field, run any field command from a menu
  • Switch Identity: create multiple identities, and switch between them
  • Spike Special: enhanced Spike features
  • Speed Sort: sort paragraphs in any order
  • Auto-Bookmark: create auto-named bookmarks
  • View and Zoom Manager: all view/zoom options in one menu
  • Favorite Views: save and recreate named views
  • Folder Icon Manager: add icons to your favorite folders
  • Cut Anything/Copy Anything: use the Clipboard without making selections
  • Paste in any Format, plus a one-click option to paste text unformatted
  • View and Zoom Manager: all view/zoom options in one menu
  • Arrange Windows: select windows and display them in any layout
  • File Type Manager: create Word documents other than .doc
  • Out Of Office: leave a message while you're away from your PC
  • Quick Select: select even the parts your mouse can't reach
Editor's Review:
WordToys does much better than Word does. You can create unique favorite fonts, favorite styles, and favorite bullets menus, select the parts your mouse can't reach, hide taskbar buttons, backup while you save, copy and paste any format, and lots more. I think after you see its features, you have known the software is very powerful. More functions make Word easier to use.

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