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Html To Image 2.0 - User Guide and FAQ

Screenshots - More Details

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  • Click "Convert" button, enter a list of URL in the following edit box. You can load the URL from a file or from current opened browser window. And you can also add a list of local HTML files as URL. Also you can drag local files from explorer into the URL edit box.

    Click "GO" button to convert the URLs to images. The images are saved in output folder set in the Options screen.

    Load URL: load URL list from a text file

    Save URL: save URL list to text file

    Go: begin to convert html to images in the URL list one by one.

    Browser: get URL from current opened Internet Explorer browser windows

    Add File: add local text, mht or html file as URL, then they can be converted to images. URL file is also supported. You can convert your favorite site to image now!

    Folder: go to output file folder

  • Click "Option" button to set some control options of the program.

    Output Dir: the output directory to store images

    Time Out: if the html page can not be fully downloaded in the given time, the program will treat it as a time out event. It will continue to process next URL.

    Page Width, Height: set the size of the converted image. If Width is 0, then use the full width of the html page, if the html page width is larger than Width, then it is cropped to get the final results. This applies to Height similarly.

    Image Format: choose the image format. Currently support JPG, GIF, BMP, PNG and TIFF format. When saving to JPG format, the compression quality can be adjusted.

    Create thumbnail after getting the pages: check this if you want to get a small image from the large one.

    Thumbnail Width, Height: control the size of the thumbnail image.

    Overwrite existing image file: choose if overwriting the existing image file with the same name.

    Name file: choose the method to name the image files.

  • Invoke Html To Image from Internet Explorer. After installation, Html To Image can be invoked with the context menu (right mouse click) of Internet Explorer by clicking the "Html To Image" menu item. You can use this function if you want to save the current web page while you are surfing.

Screenshots - More Details

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