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Image to PDF Command Line Tool 2.22 - User Guide and FAQ

Screenshots - More Details


Image to PDF Command Line Tool is distributed in a ZIP archive which contains the following files:
  • Image2PDF.exe - Command Line application
  • Image2PDF.chm - Manual in Microsoft Compressed HTML Help format
  • test.jpg - Example JPEG image (400 x 300 pixel resolution)
  • test.bat - Example batch file that will convert the example image into a PDF document and automatically view it
Simply extract these files from the ZIP archive and place in a directory location of your choice.

Getting Started

To try this out straight away either type in the following line at the command line (assuming that the current working directory has been changed to where the files have been extracted from the ZIP): .\Image2PDF.exe -image test.jpg -output test.pdf -dpi 96 -openpdf

Or double-click on the test.bat file.

Both of these will convert the test.jpg image into the PDF document test.pdf and then attempt to open it using the default PDF viewer.

Screenshots - More Details

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