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Best Friends 1.03

Help Petey and Patty reunite in the ultra-cute 3D plat former!

Download Site 1       Download Site 2       Download Site 3       Buy Now $9.95

File Size:4,284 KB System:Windows 95/98/ME/2000/XP
License:Free to try ($9.95) Limitations:Function limited
Date Added:01-12-2006 Requirements:300 MHZ Intel or AMD Processor; DirectX-7 or newer

Best Friends
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Software Description:

Help unite Petey and Patty in this brand new game, Best Friends! It's amazingly addictive, with wonderful physics, whimsical graphics, and charming speech sounds! You'll have an absolute blast guiding Petey and Patty through the Jungle World, Dream World, and Ice World. 72 boards total, and all are FUN!

Key Features:
  • Explore 14 boards of the Ice World in the FREE version, and take on all 3 worlds and 72 boards in the full version!
  • You will think you're playing a Game cube with the console-like playability and smoothness.
  • 'Fun Physics' allow you to twist, slide, and hop your way through the boards.
  • Best Friends is only a 4 meg download.
Editor's Review:

Best Friends is a fancy game to help Petey and Patty reunite in an ultra-cute 3D plat former! It has a lot of obstacles. To be honest, Best Friends is full of challenge and not easy to play. You should use all kinds of actions, such as twist, slide, and hop your way through the boards to help Petey. To sum up, it is fancy.

The program will record the high score automatically, if your score is high enough, you will be asked to enter the name and shown on the list through Internet.

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