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Bubble Bobble Christmas Edition   - User Guide and FAQ

Screenshots - More Details

The Enemies:

  • Zen-Chan -a character acting on most of the levels. This is a wound-up toy that aims at running you down. Do not allow it to do so, otherwise you lose a life.
  • Mighta -an enemy more dangerous than Zen-Chan. It can shoot with the red star if it sees you ahead. Moreover, it can shoot in advance, so be careful and try not to catch sight of it.
  • Monsta -a flying enemy. In an enclosed space it flies as a bubble, i. e. along a normal trajectory.
  • Pulpul -a little helicopter. The enemy dangerous enough as it moves along a stochastic trajectory. It's practically impossible to guess what way it is going to move.
  • Banebou -a head on a string. Strange though it may seem but its head is not dizzy when it hops. To catch it up try to hop keeping time with it.
  • Batic -a vicious wood-goblin. It is more dangerous than Mighta as the green star of his flies as a wave, serpentine-like. If you fail to run away from him to a safe place, your odds to stay alive are almost nil.
  • Wizard -a magician. He knows three incantations: "Red Star" of Mighta, "Green Star" of Batic and "Heavenly Star", which he uses at his own descretion. Each of the three incantations is harmful for you, particularly the last one. If you stop and remain in one place, it will certainly hit you.
  • Spider -spider is a spider. It drops a web and if this web hits you you get trapped for a few seconds. Just enough time for your enemies to conquer you.

Screenshots - More Details

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