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The Ecoball is a remote controlled ball capable of collecting the dangerous gases out of the air.

Download Site 1       Download Site 2       Buy Now $14.95

Version: 1.0 Publisher:
File Size: 2,260 KB System: Windows 95/98/ME/NT/2000/XP
License: Free to try ($14.95) Limitations:  
Date Added: 04-11-2008 Requirements: DirectX, Internet connection, Graphics card capable of 800x600 in 32-bit or 24-bit

The Screenshot of EcoBall
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Software Description:
The year is 2505. The ozone layer has been seriously weakened by CFC gases in the atmosphere. Dangerous rays from the sun are already beginning to reach the earth turning many people into mutant apes. To contain the situation a crack team of scientists have put together a device known as the 'Ecoball'.

The Ecoball is a remote controlled ball capable of collecting the dangerous gases out of the air. As its pilot the earth's future lies in your shaky hands. Controlling it will be no easy task, the ball is equipped only with vertical thrusters. Watch out for the stormclouds, one shock and our plans will be ruined!

Key Features:
  • Fun, addictive arcade action!
  • Online high-scores : compare your scores and times with others!
  • Colourful graphics and nice sound.
  • Joypad or keyboard controlled. 'Rumble' used if supported by the joypad.
Editor's Review:
The Ecoball is a remote controlled ball capable of collecting the dangerous gases out of the air. As its pilot only you can save the day. Good luck pilot!

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