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Glory Zone 1.2

You will drive the best space plan to combat with thousands of unknow alien who want to conquer our world.

Download Site 1       Download Site 2       Download Site 3       Buy Now $8.00

File Size:766 KB System:Windows 95/98/ME/NT/2000/XP
License:Free to try ($8.00) Limitations:Play only the first 8 levels
Date Added:02-08-2006 Requirements:3D graphics card, OpenGL (for graphics)

The Screenshot of Glory Zone
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Software Description:
An unknown alien race is sending fleet after fleet of their automatic space fighters in an attempt to conquer our world. Our Earth is under attack. You must soon drive the newest plan to destroy them before they reach the Earth. There is no time! The Earth needs a hero. Glory Zone will create a hero.

Glory Zone creates beautiful space as battleground, and it integrated a MP3 player. You can fight with the aliens while listening to your favorite songs. It is very great!

Key Features:
  • Has total of 40 levels out of which 8 are skill levels
  • Create 11 enemy types
  • 3 levels of difficulty with separate hiscore tables
  • Support for joystick or gamepad
  • Support fullscreen or windowed game display
  • non-ending gameplay
  • Support 2 views: 3D view and top view (press F2 to switch between them)
  • integrated MP3 player, it allows you put 50 songs in playlist
  • Has 3 levels of sound quality
  • Support using function key to control music
  • Use F12 to fast exit to system
Editor's Review:
All people are going to combat with alien, because they are destroying our Earth. Glory Zone will create hero who has ability to save our Earth. There are various power up weapons can be used. Eliminate all aliens' space fighters and protect our Earth that is your mission.

Glory Zone even allows you to put up to 50 your MP3 songs in its playlist. You can play it using keyboard or joystick. This is very interesting. It supports full screen or windowed game display and using function key to fast exit to system. And you can quickly switch between 3D view and top view. Glory Zone also has three difficulty levels for different skill player. War with aliens is endless.

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