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Jungle Heart 1.8.0

Do you see flying elephant? Now Jungle Heart lends you to the magical world.

Download Site 1       Download Site 2       Download Site 3       Buy Now $19.95

File Size:10,352 KB System:Windows 98/ME/2000/XP
License:Free to try ($19.95) Limitations:Play only 4 levels
Date Added:02-09-2006 Requirements:SVGA Video Card, Sound Card

The Screenshot of Jungle Heart
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Software Description:
Somewhere in the middle of wide and mysterious Africa, little Banana Land is lost. There was no gold or diamonds in this country, but there was a real fairy forest. And every night the Fairy Forest was lit up with the shine of the brightest star in the sky - The Jungle Heart by name.

But one night, summer coming to an end, the sky got covered by dark storm-clouds, and Jungle Heart became dim...

A young elephant, Joy by name, from the tribe called Flying Elephants is to discover the mystery of the lost star and to bring back the kind magic together with the star's shine.

Key Features:
  • Create six game zones and 38 original levels
  • Create four enemies for in game
  • Offer four bonuses player
  • Has beautiful cartoon graphics
  • Can send your high scores online
Editor's Review:
Jungle Heart creates a beautiful Africa campo. There are many mystical creatures. A brave young elephant named Joy in order to find the lost star and the star's shine, and he will enter the dark forest. There are lots of evil enemies in the depth of forest, and they want to stop Joy.

This game is very funny. You will play on the beautiful background in game. You can control Joy flying or rolling when he faces danger. And Joy will become stronger after he eats big fairy coconuts. Have fun!

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