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PacRush 1.4 - User Guide and FAQ

Screenshots - More Details

Frequently Asked Questions - PacRush

  1. I tried to download the game, but "incorrect size" error message appears. What should I do?
    Try downloading the game again. Do use download manager for your convenience.

  2. When I launch the game, "error initializing direct3d"message appears. What's the problem?
    Make sure you have the latest version of drivers for your video card and the latest version of DirectX installed. You can download DirectX free of charge at (; to locate drivers for your video card, visit manufacturer' website.

  3. I downloaded demo-version and got "trial time is over" message when I launched it. What am I doing wrong?
    Most likely, the game was installed at your PC before and then deleted. You can either download and install it onto another PC or purchase the full version.

  4. The game runs, but everything moves very slow. How do I fix this?
    Make sure your PC meets the minimum system requirements. Check if other applications are running. Use Task Manager to shut down applications and processes you don't need.

    If you have other technical problems, do the following: Launch diagnostic application DxDiag from your PC:

    1. Press "Start" button and select "Run..." in menu.
    2. Type "dxdiag" in the command line and press OK. This will launch the program. Press the "Save All Information" button in the program.

    Save the report file and send it to us with Customer Support Form.

  5. I don't have a credit card. How can I pay for your game?
    For most of our games, there are alternative payment methods. Simply select your preferable payment method in "Purchase Details", when making your order.

  6. How am I going to get the full version of the game?
    For majority of our games, as soon as you complete your order, the registration key is sent via e-mail. Usually, it is located at the very bottom of the message, so read the e-mail carefully and entirely. Enter the key according to instructions included in e-mail into the registration window of the demo and it will be converted to the full version. Please, save your registration key (or e-mail with it) in a safe place. If you decide to reinstall the game, you will be able to use it again.

  7. I paid for the game, but have not received the key yet. How can I get it?
    If you have not received the key within 24-hour period, contact us with Customer Support Form to send you the key again.

  8. My key does not work! All I get is "Wrong registration key!" message. Please, help.
    Make sure you have installed the game from the site you purchased it at. See if you are following the registration instructions correctly. Do not type the key manually, since you are likely to make an error.

Screenshots - More Details

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