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Warblade 1.2 - User Guide and FAQ

Screenshots - More Details

Frequently Asked Questions - Warblade

  1. What is Warblade?
    Warblade is a PC shoot'em up arcade game.

  2. Minimum PC Specifications to run game?
    You will need at least a PIII 300MHz, 64MB RAM, and 16MB graphics card to run the game. Recommended PC is 1000MHz, 128MB RAM and a graphics card with 64MB RAM and 3D acceleration. You will also need at least 16 MB free space on the harddisk. Sound card is not needed. The better PC you have the better the game will perform.

  3. What direct X version do I need to play Warblade?
    To play Warblade you must have DirectX 8.1 or later installed. Visit or check any new computer magazines cover CD or DVD.

  4. Must I have a soundcard to play Warblade?
    No you don't.

  5. Do I need a 3D card to play Warblade?
    No, but the game will look more up to date with a 3D card.

  6. Can I play Warblade on Windows NT?
    No. Windows NT4.0 does not support higher the DirectX 3.0.

  7. Where should level pack be installed?
    You should install all extra level packs and time trial levels to the same directory that you installed Warblade. (default is C:\program files\warblade\) If you want to copy the files yourself, you must copy the files to the \data directory in the Warblade directory.

  8. How can I change the music in the game?
    You can change the music, either MP3 or MOD music by doing this: You must copy your top MP3's (or MOD files) to the Warblade directory and rename them like this.

    Title Music: Title.mp3 or for MOD, Title.mus
    In game Music: warblade.MP3 or for MOD, warblade.mus
    Hiscore Music: hiscore.MP3 or for MOD, hiscore.mus
    Memorystation Music: memory.MP3, or for MOD, memory.mus
    Meteorstorm Music: meteor.MP3, or for MOD, meteor.mus
    Promoted Music: promoted.MP3, or for MOD, promoted.mus
    Big Trouble Music: boss.MP3, or for MOD, boss.mus
    Gems Music: gems.MP3, or for MOD, gems.mus

    You may to backup the original files first!

Screenshots - More Details

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