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Championship Euchre Pro v6.40 - User Guide and FAQ

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Frequently Asked Questions - Championship Euchre Pro

  1. Why did the game end after we reached 10 points?
    The official Euchre rules from Hoyle state that games will be played until one-team or player reaches 10. However, the winner must always 'win by 2'. This means that if the game is 10 to 9, the game will continue on until the winner wins by 2 (much like tennis or volleyball scoring). This means the game could go on indefinitely if each team keeps alternating 1-point victories!

    You can also set the endgame-scoring amount to a value other than 10 under the 'Scoring' selection on the game's Options menu. We currently don't offer an option to disable the 'win by 2' rule, but we are considering adding this in a future release.

  2. I took all tricks when the opponents bid, why didn't I get 2 points for both euchring and marching?
    The official Euchre rules from Hoyle (and several other sources) state that euchres only get a one point for Euchring, even if they take all the tricks. We are considering adding a scoring option for this in a future release.

  3. The computer never should have bid on a hand!
    It is possible the computer did misbid, but sometimes the computer is actually quite crafty about bidding hands that many people would not. For example, the computer will 'Assist' if partner is getting an upcard and they have 2 trumps in their hand plus an Ace. This is a bit of a gamble, but with an Ace virtually guaranteed, at least 1 trump, and partner getting the upcard, it is worth trying.

    If you do see a hand that you still believe the computer misbid, please see our FAQ section for details on how to send us a bug report.

Screenshots - More Details

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