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Rummy 500 16.4 - User Guide and FAQ

Screenshots - More Details

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Frequently Asked Questions - Rummy 500

  1. Why am I not receiving the 30-day evaluation period?
    The 30-day evaluation period for each game starts when you first run that game. If you had previously installed and evaluated the game at some time in the past, the evaluation period is considered to have started from the original date. However, this restriction is usually removed after a period of several months in order to permit you to re-evaluate with a full 30 days trial period if it is some time since you first evaluated the product.

  2. What does 32-bit mean?
    Windows 3.x was a 16-bit operating system. All later versions of Windows (95/98/Me/NT/2000/XP) are 32-bit operating systems. MeggieSoft Games used to provide both 16-bit and 32-bit versions of its products to support Windows 3.x users. This dual-system support was discontinued in 2001 and all current versions are for 32-bit operating systems.

  3. Why don't the MeggieSoft Games follow the rules I am used to?
    Each of the games follows documented rules according to Hoyle's Rules of Games, the Encyclop?dia Britannica and other sources. We provide numerous alternative rule options in each game - including some specific regional rules - which cover almost all known common variations. If you believe your rule is a relatively common one and would like to see it included, please eMail us.

  4. Why am I "Me" and the computer is "You" on the scoresheet?
    Because the scoresheet faces the human player, so the human player is scoring as "Me". However, due to popular demand, the ability to switch these headings (or to use the player and opponent skill level names as the headings) was introduced to the Preferences panel (Screen section) in versions 9.4. Player/Skill level naming became the default for versions 14.3 and later.

  5. My preferences seem to be messed up. Can I reset them?
    Yes. This capability may be found in the Admin menu. Also, there is a "QuickSet" panel in the preferences settings (versions 14.3 and later) which enables similar groups of preferences (audio, visual, etc.) to be selected/deselected in one operation.

  6. There are too many "bells & whistles" in the latest versions. How can I get one of the older versions?
    You don't need to; nor would you probably want to because it would no longer be supported and may contain bugs that have subsequently been fixed.
    However, MeggieSoft Games has always been sensitive to the fact that not all users will enjoy each new enhancement and improvement, and therefore each new bell or whistle is deselectable whenever possible. If you go to the QuickSet Preferences panel of the latest versions you will find that you may deselect everything with one click - and achieve the look and feel of the games as they were in the mid-1990s.

Screenshots - More Details

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