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Maidens Treasure - User Guide and FAQ

Screenshots - More Details

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Maidens Treasure Feature

Features in slot machine games are what can make them so interesting to play.

Damsel Feature

If you get three or more scattered Fiery Knights and Dragons in any positions on any reels, you win the DAMSEL FEATURE.

You must then choose one of five damsels to save. When you have saved a damsel, you are awarded 10, 15, 20 or 25 free spins, at X 1 multiplier.

During the free spins, all "tens" are removed from the reels and replaced by Damsel Crowns. For each Damsel Crown symbol appearing anywhere in the window during each spin, your multiplier for that spin is increased by one.

The feature can be retriggered - this game is capable of huge numbers of free spins.

Frequently Asked Questions - Maidens Treasure

  1. Can I win real money playing these games?
    No. These games are for fun only. We do not allow the use of these games in real world gambling environments or in internet cafes or the like. You also cannot lose any real money.

  2. Is an internet connection required to play the games?
    No. You can trial the 5 reel games on a computer without an internet connection. 6 reel, 7 reel and Special Edition games cannot be played without registering the games.

  3. Is an internet connection required to register the games?
    Yes. You must have an internet connection on the computer you are going to register the games on. Online activation is required for each game.

  4. Can anyone play the highscores and maxicash jackpots?
    No. Only registered users of any game can participate in the online functionality, which includes highscores, progressive jackpots and other elements.

Screenshots - More Details

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