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Snowflake Express - User Guide and FAQ

Screenshots - More Details

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Snowflake Express Feature

Features in slot machine games are what can make them so interesting to play. In this game, the following feature is played when two or more scattered snowmen (three in the Special Edition) show on the reels.

The Naughty Nice Feature

Two or more scattered snowmen (three in the Special Edition) trigger the

Snowman Respin Feature

All reels without scattered snowmen will respin to try and increase the number. If you then get 3 or more (3 in the SE version) the Chimney Feature Starts.

During the Chimney Feature, all reels spin once with all normal symbols removed and replaced by:

- Chimney with 1 spin
- Chimney with 3 spins
- Chimney with 5 spins
- Chimney with a lock on it

All chimneys with a number of spins will award you that number of free spins. All locked chimneys Santa is unable to get into so you get nothing. All reels will keep respinning until ALL reels have a locked chimney. Any spins won are added to the total free spins you have for your...


During the snowflake feature spins all tens and jacks are removed from all reels and replaced by a "Nice Santa" on the first reel and a "Naughty Santa" (devil) on the last reel. For each Nice or Naughty Santa appearing during the feature, they wipe out one of their opposites. For example if you have 3 accumulated Nice Santas (they are shown down the bottom of the reels during the feature) and you get one Naughty Santa, you LOSE one of your Nice Santas so you only have two.

At the end of the feature your entire feature win is multiplied by the total number of Nice Santas you have left. If you have none or have only naughty santas then nothing happens.

Also during the feature, a Topsy Turvy may appear on reel 3. The Topsy Turvy will, every time it appears (not often), REVERSE your current Naughty/Nice position. So if you have 5 Nice Santas, you suddenly have 5 Naughty Santas and vice versa.

The Chimney feature can be retriggered during the main feature, adding extra spins.

Frequently Asked Questions - Snowflake Express

  1. Can I win real money playing these games?
    No. These games are for fun only. We do not allow the use of these games in real world gambling environments or in internet cafes or the like. You also cannot lose any real money.

  2. Is an internet connection required to play the games?
    No. You can trial the 5 reel games on a computer without an internet connection. 6 reel, 7 reel and Special Edition games cannot be played without registering the games.

  3. Is an internet connection required to register the games?
    Yes. You must have an internet connection on the computer you are going to register the games on. Online activation is required for each game.

  4. Can anyone play the highscores and maxicash jackpots?
    No. Only registered users of any game can participate in the online functionality, which includes highscores, progressive jackpots and other elements.

Screenshots - More Details

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