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Blockworks 3.1 - User Guide and FAQ

Screenshots - More Details

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How animation works?

Blockworks will animate models automatically once you add animated blocks or an ambient sound to it.

Some blocks have intrinsic animation. These are called animated blocks. An animated block is in fact consisted of several drawings. When in Play mode, These drawings appear in rapid succession giving the animation effect. You may add, move, rotate and copy these blocks exactly like any other block.

Play mode animates only the topmost block from any given block stack. Any animated blocks that are covered by other blocks won't be animated. You must keep this in mind when you build your models.

Animated blocks

You may see all animated blocks by launching the Reference models command several times. When the Play mode button is enabled, click it to look at the animated blocks. You may then continue clicking the Reference Model command to see more animated blocks from other blocksets.

Screenshots - More Details

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