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Cynthia's wedding   - User Guide and FAQ

Screenshots - More Details

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Snapshots of the love story game for kids aged 2-12:

  1. A very long time ago, in a beautiful forest, there lived a lovely couple of mice and their beloved pretty daughter.

  2. After going through great hardship, Mr. Mouse reached the top of the mountain and saw the shinning bright sun. He believed Mr. Sun was the world's greatest, so he decided to ask Mr. Sun to take his daughter's hand in marriage.

  3. Mr. Mouse was so happy he decided to ask Mr. Wind to take his daughter's hand in marriage. But Mr. Wind gave Mr. Mouse a very unexpected answer.

  4. Mr. Mouse finally found his world's greatest fiancee. He gave his daughter's hand in marriage to the little mouse and prepared a very formal wedding for them. Many of their friends came to congratulate them.

Screenshots - More Details

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