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Henry & Harley  

A magic story game for kids aged 2-12. There are many funny animation and educational games inside the story.

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File Size:9,939 KB System:Windows 95/98/ME/NT/2000/XP/2003
License:Free to try ($19.95) Limitations:function limited
Date Added:11-28-2005 Requirements:Windows system

Henry & Harley
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Software Description:
Henry & Harley is a magic story game of the loving box series. It's for ages 2-12. Brief introduction of the story:

The honest and sincere Harley had lived in the country for a long time without ever leaving. One day, his cousin Henry who lived in the city came to visit him and told him many interesting things about the city. Harley was envious and decided to go to the city. However, although the city was bustling and exciting, the air and water quality was poor and there was much pollution and noise. Harley finally found he still liked the country life and decided to head back to the nature.

There are many funny animation and educational games inside the story.

Key Features:
  • A magic story game
  • Menu and the dramatis personae are very beauty and lovely
  • The story is funny and suitable to kids.
Editor's Review:
Henry & Harley is a magic story game of the loving box series for kids aged 2-12. The whole menu is excellent and the story is beautiful. Even the mouse is designed humanistic; it is like that you are reading an e-book. At the same time, there are many funny animation and educational games inside the story; so it's sure that your kids will love it.

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