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Lenny in Space 1.02 - User Guide and FAQ

Screenshots - More Details

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How to Play

Lenny Loosejocks in Space is a cartoon adventure where Lenny and his faithful dog Donga are transported to a technologically-advanced future. A race of doomed giant slugs, the Sluggees, have planted a series of bombs on each planet in our solar system.

Lenny is equipped with a jetpack, an all-environment breathing apparatus, and a nifty spaceship. However, the most important tool is your puzzle solving ability. Fortunately, the player can not make Lenny do anything that will kill Lenny. Lenny must find the hidden bomb on each planet and disarm it. Lenny's major activity while finding the bomb is flipping switches to open doors. A helpful map is located somewhere on each planet. Once you have reached the bomb click on it to disarm. Major hint: Write down the number which appears on a disarmed bomb! This will save you much time and frustration on the final puzzle.

Screen Color Depth:

The program runs best in 16 bit color or better.

Screenshots - More Details

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