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MahJong Suite 2005 2.11 - User Guide and FAQ

Screenshots - More Details

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Frequently Asked Questions - MahJong Suite 2005

  1. How to change the display setting?
    To change the screen resolution in Windows:
    1. Start Windows and click on the Start button (or press Ctrl+Esc).
    2. Point to Settings and click on Control Panel.
    3. In the Control Panel, double click the Display icon and then click the Settings tab.
    4. Change the "Screen area" value and press OK.

  2. On Windows XP, can I have a single list of players and statistics for all my users/accounts?
    In the default installation, MahJong Suite sets up separate statistics and configuration data for each Windows XP user/account.
    You can configure MahJong Suite to have single configuration and statistics data for all the users/accounts to compare hi scores, etc.
    Install MahJong Suite in a folder accessible for all the users. For example: the default installation folder C:\Program Files\MahJong Suite Open MahJong Suite, Tools menu, Customize command, click on the "Advanced" button, "Store Folder" tab, click on "Other Folder", "Browse" and point to a common folder where all the accounts have read and write privileges.
    For example: C:\Documents and settings\All Users\Shared Documents\MahJong Suite (you have to create the sub-folder "MahJong Suite"). or C:\MyData\MahJong Suite. Press OK to confirm.

  3. When a game will be considered Won?
    A game will be considered "Won" for statistics (you'll have................animation at the end of the game) if it is completed without any "Shuffles".
    If one or more "Shuffles" are done, the game can be finished and the Score will be updated, but the game will be considered as "Lost" for Statistics.

  4. When is my "Overall-Score" updated?
    The "Overall-Score" is the sum of all your Hi-Scores, one for each game. The "Overall-Score" is only updated if you achieve a Hi-Score for the game you just finished playing.
    • Your Overall-Score = "1,000".
    • Your Hi-Score for Standard layout = "80".
    • You play Standard layout and your Score = "60".
    • Your Overall-Score is not updated and will remain at "1,000" because "60" does not exceed "80".
    • Play another game with "Score = 150" then the "Overall-Score" is updated:
    • Your Overall-Score = "1,070" (1,000 - 80 + 150)
    • Your Hi-Score for Standard layout = "150"

Screenshots - More Details

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