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Holiday Gift

Explore 4 game modes, each with its own addictive qualities, Get pass 40 levels in Adventure, solve 100 fairy puzzles and get charge best mood!

Download Site       Buy Now $19.95

Version: 1.0 Publisher: glinkiegames.com
File Size: 8,040 KB System: Win 95/98/ME/2000/XP
License: Free to try ($19.95) Limitations:  
Date Added: 06-24-2008 Requirements: Pentium II 500 Mhz
32MB RAM, DirectX 7.0

Holiday Gift - Screenshot
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Software Description:

Have you ever opened a Christmas package and discovered four presents inside? Wouldn’t that be wonderful? That’s what you’ll feel like when playing Holiday Gift, our new match-three release. Holiday Gift arrives just in time to spread Christmas cheer with four sparkling game modes, including an Adventure Mode in which you must remove all of the golden tiles from each game board by swapping holiday decorations to make matches of three or more items.

You also get the unique Quads Mode, in which you must match four Christmas decorations in the shape of a square; a Puzzle Mode that challenges you to eliminate all of the objects on the screen by matching of three or more items at a time; and the soothing Relax Mode, which goes well with a cup of warm eggnog and a fire in the hearth. Featuring delightful music, 40 Adventure levels and 100 Puzzle levels, Holiday Gift will entertain you well into the New Year!

Key Features:
  • Four game modes
  • 100 Puzzle levels
  • 40 Adventure levels
  • Original music
  • Colorful holiday visuals
  • Powerups galore
Editor's Review:

Explore 4 game modes, each with its own addictive qualities, Get pass 40 levels in Adventure, solve 100 fairy puzzles and get charge best mood! You will be interested by all means with pleasant game and wonderful music and soft colors will fly away you in the wonderful world of imaginations! Dip into the infinite world of magic and pleasure in Relax. And of cause sensation of a holiday, which don't leave you during all game! Let's take your best Holiday Gift!

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