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Jigsaw365 1.00

Download Jigsaw365 and play jig puzzle with plenty of beautiful pictures.

Download Windows Version       Download MAC Version       Buy Now $19.95

File Size:5,937 KB System: Windows 95/98/ME/NT/2000/XP MAC OS X(10.2+)
License:Free to try ($19.95) Limitations:60 minutes
Date Added: 03-31-2008 Requirements:450 Mhz Processor & 64 Mb RAM

Jig puzzle - Jigsaw365
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Software Description:
A year of puzzles -- at your fingertips. Jigsaw playing has never been better!

Begin by choosing your puzzle image from the gigantic collection of 365 wonderful photographs. Or, use your own digital pictures of friends and family. Next, choose a puzzle size and style from the amazing selection of unique and interesting styles. With Jigsaw365, you'll never run out of challenging puzzles to play!

Jigsaw365 uses an intuitive calendar interface. Begin playing from today's date and work your way through the year. Or skip around and play the puzzles in any order. Each month is a charming puzzle collection on its own with content appropriate to the season. Plus, there's a bonus 13th month ("My Month") where you can assemble a personal collection of your own photos!

Key Features:
  • Automatic Saving -- Never lose a piece or a puzzle that you've begun.
  • Special Styles -- Puzzles in the shape of animals, the U.S. map, a fairy castle, and many many more!
  • My Month -- Put your own photos in this month and change them whenever you like!
  • Endless Selection -- 365 Images. 80+ Puzzle Styles. Over 30,000 unique puzzle combinations! Plus, add your own images!
Editor's Review:
Jigsaw365 is an jig puzzle game that can practise you memory ability, it has 365 pictures for 365 days, more than 80 puzzle styles. over 30,000 unique puzzle combinations! Besides, you can add your own images and play for fun.

Jigsaw365 has wonderful graphic effects, althought it's 2d style, Jigsaw365 provides plenty of graphic settings. What's more, the game content is plentiful. It's suitable for both practical gamers and verdant gamers as well as children.

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