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X-plosive Jigsaw Puzzles Pro

Is a proffesional jigsaw puzzle game that allows you to cut jigsaws in a lot of shapes and then rebuild the initial image.

Download Site       Buy Now $29.95

Version: 1.0 Publisher:
File Size: 4,500 KB System: Win95,98, Me, 2000, Xp
License: Free to try ($29.95) Limitations:  
Date Added: 07-15-2008 Requirements: 600 Mhz CPU, 40MB HDD
128MB RAM, DirectX7.0

X-plosive Jigsaw Puzzles Pro - Screenshot
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Software Description:

X-plosive JigSaw Puzzles Pro is a Windows game designed with the professional puzzle player in mind. Trough this game I tried to offer you all the tools a professional game should offer. I'll also introduce you some new tools, never seen before in other games. To get all the details please read the features section.
    Some features that make this game unique:
  • the wide working area that will give you room to breathe even if you have a lot of pieces
  • the excellent scrolling system that allows you to scroll by dragging the background (real easy)
  • the three-state pins are really useful and easy to handle (difficult to explain in words, you have to see it)
  • the loupe doesn't follow the mouse annoying you every step of the way; it sits tight in its spot
  • you get a lot of add-on jigsaw puzzles at no additional cost (a total of 400 jigsaw puzzles)
Key Features:
  • up to 1500 pieces for each jigsaw puzzle
  • 1600x1200 wide board play area - plenty of maneuvering space and unique double-scroll system
  • pins finally made usefull ! Three-state pins: not pinned / pinned down / temporarily released
  • a total collection of 400 free add-on jigsaw puzzles
  • loupe finally made usefull ! Static or dynamic loupe
  • ghost image with changeable transparency
  • small picture image of different changeable sizes
  • the new feature of auto-pining pieces on ghost
  • cool-looking puzzle pieces
  • two scrolling modes: edge buttons or mouse right-click
  • rotating pieces and smooth edges
  • multiple selecting pieces
  • auto-saves the current jigsaw puzzle on exit
  • maintains high scores
  • build your own jigsaw puzzles from your images
  • nine different jigsaw cutting styles
  • six different piece combining shapes
  • customizable hot keys
  • sound effects and music
  • different graphic environments (2 in start package, more available for free soon on the updates page)
  • different backgrounds (7 in the package, 28 available for free as add-ons on the updates page)
  • playing in Full Screen or Windowed mode
  • custom resolution from 800x600 to 1600x1200
  • custom monitor refresh rates
  • English and German interface
Editor's Review:

X-plosive Jigsaw is a proffesional jigsaw puzzle game that allows you to cut jigsaws in a lot of shapes and then rebuild the initial image. It has many features including loupe, ghost image, small picture, smart auto-pins, different environments and cheating tool. Other special features include environment change on spot, multiple backgrounds, menu auto-hide, scrollable area and extensive options.

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