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Alien Sky 1.8.5 - User Guide and FAQ

Screenshots - More Details

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Frequently Asked Questions - Alien Sky

  1. My copy of Warkanoid doesn't allow the paddle to be controlled by joystick. How do I get the joystick to work with Warkanoid?
    Joystick support was not working properly with all kinds of game controllers in Warkanoid 1.1. It caused us to disable joystick support in the second release of Warkanoid and start rewriting it completely. Now it is done and all recent and upcoming releases (Warkanoid 1.3, 1st Go Warkanoid 2.2) has a full joystick support implemented. So, if your copy of Warkanoid doesn't allow the paddle to be controlled by joystick, just download and install the latest version of the game.

  2. How does MegaShot work?
    You can use MegaShot at any moment in the game any number of times. To perform a MegaShot choose a safe moment (when a ball isn't going to hit the paddle for some time), press the button chosen for MegaShot (Shift or right mouse button by default) and hold it for a while. Do you see the bright stripe that have started to grow at a right side of screen (in Techno theme) or five green apples that become red (in WildLife theme). This is the MegaShot charge. When there's enough charge you can release the button - And MegaShot will sweep all on their way. But be careful! During the charge accumulation you can't move your paddle or let the ball hit it, cause else the MegaShot charge will just disappear. That's why you might choose the moment for the firing accurately.

Screenshots - More Details

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