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Castles 1.5

Castles - "Castle", "Scorch tanks", "Worms", "Worms II" Game

Download Site 1       Download Site 2       Download Site 3       Buy Now $14.00

File Size:2,653 KB System:Windows 98/2000/XP
License:Free to try ($14.00) Limitations: 
Date Added:01-24-2006 Requirements:windows system

Screenshot - Castles
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Software Description:

You are a castle owner with an ammunition and money. You start a bloody duel with other castle owners like you (maximum number of castles is five). Other castles either can manage by another player on the same computer or a computer if you don't have worthy opponents. Destroying castles of your opponents (and yours own too), with various weapon (there are ten various kinds of the weapon) you try to win a round. For destroyed castles you receive some money, for the victory you receive a prize (in a money's worth). Then you will be able to buy in a shop for won money various kinds of the weapon which you need and continue the game.

Also there are various falling gifts in the game. If you hit on witch you can earn money or get a weapon. But not be carried away, there are enemies around. The game can go on forever. Round by round.

Key Features:
  • a kidsafe strategy video game for the pc computer
  • Games can be easily loaded and saved in progress.
  • five textures of the levels
Editor's Review:

If you remember such eminent games as 'Castle', 'Scorch tanks', 'Worms', 'Worms II' and you like them this game is just for you. Castles, you can use your Keyboard to destroy as many other castle owners (maximum number of castles is five). There are five textures of the levels (crystals, various brick masonry, mucous stones, and white stones) about 60 unique images of mountains and sea of pleasure in the game. Castles is not heavily addictive galangal game play. Games can be easily loaded, saved, used and control.

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