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Crimsonland   - User Guide and FAQ

Screenshots - More Details

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Quest mode

Quest mode will allow you to unlock weapons and Perks that you can use in Survival Mode. Quest mode consists of four Quests. Each Quest consists of 10 levels and a boss on level 10 of each Quest. You must successfully finish a level to proceed to the next.

In order to advance to the next Quest, you must successfully complete the previous Quest. Once you finish Quest one for example Quest two will be unlocked.

It is impossible to obtain all of the Perks at once through the entire game. However, by knowing what each Perk does will allow you to create your own "perfect trooper".

After each Quest is completed, a perk or weapon will be unlocked and can then be used to replay the levels in Quest Mode as well as Survival Mode.

Rush mode

Rush Mode is a fairly simple concept. Armed with an Assault Riffle, your goal is to try and stay alive as long as possible.

Survival mode

Survival Mode works like a mixture of Quest Mode and Rush Mode. You will be able to pick-up different weapons, achieve and select Perks, and use power-ups, however, your main goal is to get the highest experience points possible.

Frequently Asked Questions - Crimsonland

  1. I'm having lockup or crashing problems. What can I do?
    Many times these types of issues can be resolved by simply uninstalling and reinstalling the game.

    Also, many games in the Arcade require the most recent version of DirectX in order to run properly. DirectX is freely available from Microsoft.

    Otherwise, be sure to check the minimum specifications of the particular game you are installing and be sure that the computer you are using meets those specifications.

  2. I'm having sound problems. What can I do?
    Many older soundcards aren't fully compatible with Microsoft DirectX. Usually, simply updating your soundcard drivers will fix any strange sound problems you may encounter. Check with your manufacturer (or your soundcard manufacturer's web site) for the latest drivers.

  3. I'm having video problems. What can I do?
    If your are having problems with your video, simply updating Direct X or your video cards drivers will usually fix the problem. Check Windows Update, or with your video card manufacturer's web site, for the latest drivers for your card.

  4. I'm having difficulties completing levels. Can you help?
    Many times you can get assistance with your game by visiting our forums and chatting with other users who have played the game. They can lend some tips or tricks on how to complete the level.

Screenshots - More Details

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