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Teenage Lawnmower 1.15

It a twisted mixes of simulation, interactive story and 3d arcade action.

Download Site 1       Download Site 2       Download Site 3       Buy Now $24.95

File Size:9,129 KB System:Windows 98/2000/XP
License:Free to try ($24.95) Limitations:only includes 3 days
Date Added:02-06-2006 Requirements:600mhz or faster CPU, 3d capable video card

Screenshot - Teenage Lawnmower
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Software Description:

Teenage Lawnmower is really a hybrid and kind of a new style; it's a mix of interactive story, simulation and arcade action. Many events are pre-scripted and some are based on choices you have made. You also have to worry about time of day, weather and so forth.

You're seventeen and your life is a living hell. Between your alcoholic mother and her abusive boyfriend you've got nowhere to go until one day the glistening metal exterior of the family lawn mower catches your eye and changes your destiny forever. Become an entrepreneur and change your fate in this humorous story based 3d simulation by Seth A. Robinson, the twisted mind behind Funeral Quest and Dink Smallwood. Can you make money mowing lawns while helping your mom kick her alcohol (and possible drug) abuse? It is a twisted mix of simulation, interactive story and arcade action.

Key Features:
  • 19 interesting and unique mowing scenarios including snow and a golf course and tons of zany new characters.
  • Run unlimited user created add-ons and mods.
  • FREE unlimited technical support.
  • Mutated killer moles / Join a cult / FREE upgrades for life
  • Ultra cute PUPPIES & DUCKS will charm you.
  • Dynamic and shocking multiple story endings.
Editor's Review:

Teenage Lawnmower has plentiful content and can attract players deeply. Teenage Lawnmower is single player only. This type of game really wouldn't work multi-player. It contains violence and some mature themes that may not be suitable for children and 30+ days of story (the demo only includes 3).

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