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UnderworldsEvil 2.0

UnderworldsEvil takes you into an incredible battlefield that full of monsters, gigantic spiders, aliens and so on.

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File Size:3,345 KB System:Windows 95/98/ME/NT/2000/XP/2003
License:Free Limitations:None
Date Added:05-11-2006 Requirements:High or true color highly recommended

The Screenshot of UnderworldsEvil
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Software Description:

UnderworldsEvil is an incredibly frantic and addictive violent shooter. Thousands of mutants, monsters, gigantic spiders, aliens, and armies of various creatures will attack you from every side.

The main character is an ordinary human, just like you and your neighbor. Everything he knows of this mystic world is that it might or might not exist. He hadn't really believed in it until Evil penetrated into his house and devilish forces have changed his destiny. He was thrown into the very heart of underground catacombs with the only thread of hope - to get out back to his world having crawled from a block to a block.

The order in game is that you must find your way back home through all the hardships and obstacles, cleaning your way through malicious monsters. Your armory includes a flak jacket, heavy lead bullets and a found by chance catacombs navigator, to say nothing about a bit of luck! Don't forget to collect all the gold that your see on your way in case you happen to get out alive.

Key Features:
  • Create thousands of monsters, gigantic spiders, aliens, etc. for game
  • Has outstanding animated graphics
  • Support full screen and window modes
  • Make light-hearted background music and sound effects
  • Allow to use keyboard and mouse playing
  • Absolutely FREE shooter game
Editor's Review:

UnderworldsEvil creates an incredible battlefield. There are thousands of mutants, monsters, gigantic spiders, aliens and many others in game. Your hero must fight against them and find the way to back home. Many weapons can be used to play. Also it allows you to switch between full screen and window mode conveniently. Play with the outstanding animated graphics and light-hearted background music and sound effects. It is sure to satisfy with shooter game fans. Very great!

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