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Air Guard   - User Guide and FAQ

Screenshots - More Details

Frequently Asked Questions - Air Guard

  1. How do I play Combat Pillows?

    Create an empty folder e.g. "Combat Pillows" on your local disk, download file "combatpillows.exe" to this folder and run it.

  2. How do I buy Combat Pillows?

    Buying our software will get you serial number which will remove 15-game limit from your copy. You will also become eligible for free e-mail support, discounts on our other products and access to Secret section. Buying Combat Pillows serial number is quick, easy and secure. Please click the BUY button for complete details and options.

  3. How do I unlock Combat Pillows?

    When you purchase your copy of Combat Pillows you will receive your own unique serial number. This will only work in combination with your name. After you receive your serial number, start Combat Pillows and continue to QUIT section. Click "Unlock" button. Window with two text boxes will open. Enter your name and the serial number (key) you have received from us into boxes carefully. Both name and the serial number are case sensitive. Capital letters need to be capitalized, hyphens need to be included (if any) and no extra spaces are allowed. Click "Ok" button. You have just unlocked your very own copy of Combat Pillows.

Screenshots - More Details

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