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PortSign Account 1.09

Compete online in a real-time ranking system to become the best hacker.

Download Site 1       Download Site 2       Download Site 3       Buy Now $23

File Size:5,473 KB System:Windows 2000/XP/2003
License:Free to try ($23) Limitations: 
Date Added:12-20-2005 Requirements:Windows system

crack and hack - PortSign Account
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Software Description:
PortSign is a virtual multiplayer world where hacking is no longer illegal.

Steal money, steal files, shut down or restart servers, exploit system administrators, build up your defenses, play at the casino, collect key codes to acquire more advanced tools, send and receive messages, join the community, chat, and much more.

PortSign allows you to compete online in a real-time ranking system to become the best hacker you can.


PortSign is divided into two main interfaces with different tools.

SYSTEMS I contains basic hacking tools and user information, communication, and browsing features.

SYSTEMS II contains software what can be upgraded using Key Codes. When you crack into some servers, you will be able to collect Key Codes. At certain points, when you have enough codes, you are able to unlock new game tools and features. Systems II also contain two casino like game, which give you the chance to make a lot of money fast - or lose it!

Key Features:
  • Decodes some encoded strings
  • Contains helpful information on many topics
  • Send and receive PortSign mail
  • Commands for information retrieval, and more
  • Find vulnerable targets, communicate, and more
  • Crack some server passwords
  • Search for vulnerable target computer servers
  • Send money to other PortSign players
  • Retrieve information on any user
  • View a list of PortSign players by Rank
  • Advanced scanning tool for fast target detection
Editor's Review:
PortSign Account is a game with great joy and complex. When playing PortSign Account, you can experience joyful cracking and hacking way virtually. It provides two different systems and plentyful game content, vivid background, as well as shocking video and audio effect. PortSign Account is such a wonderful game, just play to experience!

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