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Ye Olde Darts 2.1

Realistic darts game for your PC

Download Site 1       Download Site 2       Download Site 3       Buy Now $15

File Size:2,863 KB System:Windows NT/2000/XP
License:Free to try ($15) Limitations:Function limited
Date Added:12-22-2005 Requirements:Windows system

Ye Olde Darts
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Software Description:
Automatic scoring and logging (leg, set and match) for 501 and 301 makes your darts game fast and competitive. Darts Scorer for use with real darts, Sports Scheduler for league tables, Lotto Magic lottery number picker.

Key Features:
  • A multi-speed PC darts game guarantee fun, fame and functionality.
  • Automatic scoring and logging (leg, set and match) for 501 and 301 makes your darts game fast and competitive. The simple-to-use position and fixture tables enable you to create darts league, and they adapt easily for other sports schedules and games too.
  • Winners of 'Ye Olde Darts' enter the Hall of Fame, complete with photograph, and this also prints as a certificate.
  • A fun extra, 'The Rage Venter' enables any image to overlay the dart board for firing on. Just think of the tempting targets in your life!
  • Another useful addition, 'The Brain Sharpener' uses delayed-timing tables to improve your darts arithmetic to 'boss-impressing' levels. Good for the kids too!
  • A Darts Scorer takes the tedium out of keeping score when playing real darts.
  • Lotto Magic lets you pick your lottery numbers with darts. (A dartboard does not have all the numbers but Lotto Magic does. So now you can Dart away to a Win!
Editor's Review:
Ye Olde Darts is a fast and competitive darts game on PC! You can enjoy PC darts with auto scoring or use as a real darts scorer. The Sports Scheduler lets you set up your own league. Fun sections allow you to place any image on the board and position targets to vent your rage, with mobile targets for scoring. Use the brain-sharpener to improve your mental arithmetic to boss-impressing levels.

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