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Complex and involving political strategy game

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File Size:9,341 KB System:Windows 98/ME/2000/XP
License:Free to try ($22.95) Limitations:some features disabled
Date Added:12-21-2005 Requirements: 

the main window
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Software Description:
Complex and involving political strategy game where you try your best to maintain control of an entire country! Can you keep the Socialists, The wealthy, the farmers and countless other social groups all happy enough to re-elect you? Democracy gives you the power, but the voters can take it away from you. Political skills and a good head for strategy will be needed if you are to keep winning the elections.
A cutting-edge highly moddable simulation engine models concepts such as the global economy, national debt, unemployment, crime rates and tons more over a variety of countries. Democracy is our most popular and critically acclaimed title. Will your country be an economic success or a poverty-stricken hell?

Key Features:
  • Political strategy game
  • It has a complex internal model
  • Create a harmonious society
Editor's Review:
Democracy starts with you as President (or Prime-Minister) of a modern country. The country is a run as a simple democracy where you need to get over 50% of the vote each election in order to remain in power. The object of the game is to stay in power as long as possible (there are no limits as to how many terms you may be elected president).

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