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Democracy   - User Guide and FAQ

Screenshots - More Details

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Frequently Asked Questions - Democracy

  1. What's so special about this game?
    Democracy is the only game of its kind. Most new PC games are centered around 3D graphics. Democracy is a complex simulation that isn't competing on graphical features. Democracy has a highly advanced simulation behind it, designed to recreate a modern political system as accurately as possible. This is no dumbed down mass market game, but a real simulation for the kind of gamer who enjoyed games like Civilization, Alpha Centauri and Sim City 4. We have tried to make as involving a sim as we can, whilst at the same time keeping the game fun.

  2. How closely does the game model the various countries?
    Only some of the details of each country are modeled, such as the level of unemployment, the national debt and income, and the countries population. As president, there is nothing to stop you turning America into a socialist state, or to stop you legalizing machine guns and heroin as British prime minister...

  3. What countries can you be in charge of?
    Currently the list is Sweden,USA, Britain, Canada, Germany, Italy, Japan and France. More may be added before release, and countries can easily be added by modders.

  4. What kind of PC will I need to run this?
    Democracy has a highly advanced neural network that powers the simulation, but most modern computers are more than capable of handling it. As this is a turn based game, the only slowdown you will see is when you click the next turn button anyway. As for the graphics, Democracy doesn't have a 3D world to render (there is no need for one in a game like this) so you should be fine even if your video card struggles with the latest 3D games. And best of all, there is a fully playable demo so you can check it runs on your system before ordering.

Screenshots - More Details

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