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Dropshot 1.1 - User Guide and FAQ

Screenshots - More Details

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Battle and its objective

The battle takes place on an island divided into hexes. From 2 to 8 players (human or computer) can take part in it, making their moves in turn. Each hex belongs to one of the players and takes his color. The winner is the one who occupies the entire island.
Territories and capitals

Two or more adjacent hexes of one color form a territory. Each territory has its capital resources are accumulated and stored. Each hex of a territory gives its owner 1 resource in one move (if there are no forests, plague or radioactive contamination there). A separate hex has no capital and does not give any resources. If the enemy destroys a capital all its resources disappear and the territory gets a new capital. If several territories of one color are joined together as one, spare capitals disappear and their resources are moved to the remaining one. If the enemy occupies a hex and, thus, splits a territory into several parts, the parts that have no capitals are given them. (the amount of resources in the new capitals is 0).

Screenshots - More Details

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