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MissionRisk 3.0 - User Guide and FAQ

Screenshots - More Details

The War options box contains various preferences for the up coming war:

Missions: Issues each player with a secret mission. By completing your mission first, you win the war. Some missions include wiping out other players or holding certain continents until your next turn.
Supply lines: Allow you to move as many units you like as far as you like between touching countries.
Limit supply lines: Restricts the number and distance your units can move.
No supply lines: Restricts your moves to only one adjacent country.
Fast war: Changes the speed at which the computer-controlled players play their turns.
Fast dice: Changes the speed at which the dice are thrown.
Optimise defence dice: Lets the computer look at the attack dice first and decide how many defence dice to throw. If there is a poor chance of defending an attack, only one defence die will be thrown to save defending units.
Border shows players' color: Helps to identify whose turn it is by showing the player's color when it is a human player's turn.
Distribute extra starting units: Gives each player extra units that are randomly distributed over your starting countries. The number of extra units each player receives can be changed from the Extra units text box.

Screenshots - More Details

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