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War Games Construction Kit

Is a 3D interactive arcade game, play single player or networked.

Download Site       Buy Now $5.00

Version: 1.0 Publisher:
File Size: 15,800 KB System: Windows 98/Me/XP/Vista
License: Free to try ($5.00) Limitations: 30 days
Date Added: 04-01-2008 Requirements: 256M RAM, DirectX 8.0

the main window
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Software Description:
In 2000 I decided to write my own video game. After some elaborations with Rob Takken we decided to write a little war game.

The premise was simple, a shareware game, share the profits, Rob did the graphics, and I wrote the code.

The War Games Construction Kit was pretty good as shareware. It allows 16 players networked over TCP/IP and UDP discovery.

The player's character could use tanks/planes/walk. I used MDL characters and a third party sound system. The game even had some basic AI in single player mode.
Well - the shareware model didn't work. After 250,000 downloads on and other sites I had 7 people pay for it (at a cost of $US15 a copy) Since so many people still download it (around 3000 a month) I've decided to make it completely free and have taken all the limitations out.

Key Features:
  • C++ / OpenGL 1.2
  • Built in AI
  • 16 Player networked (TCP/IP ingame, UDP discovery, multi-threaded)
  • Very popular freeware, over 400,000 downloads to date
Editor's Review:

The War Games Construction Kit is a 3D interactive arcade game, play single player or networked. Enjoy flying airplanes, driving tanks, firing artillery and parachuting behind enemy lines. Build your own worlds and scenarios using the World Builder. Play 16 player networked over TCP/IP, play and test your own scenarios and challenge your combat skills. Set up friendly and enemy AI. The fully registered version of this game includes a world builder and extra scenarios. The game comes both in the English and German languages.

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