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Quick Macro 6.20

Record, replay and edit keyboard & mouse macros; quickly create macros; program macro script in VB Script language.

Download Site       Buy Now $29.95

Version: 6.20
File Size:2.17 MB System:Windows 95/98/ME/2000/20003/XP/Vista
License:Free to try ($29.95) Limitations:30 days trial
Date Added:02-28-2008 Requirements: 

Quick Macro
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Software Description:
Quick Macro (QMacro) is an intelligent software to record, replay and edit keyboard & mouse macros. It has easy-to-use script editing interface for novice users to quickly create macros. It also has programmable macro script editing interface for professional programmers to program macro script in VB Script language. Quick Macro can be used for Windows automation scheduler, network management, game auto-playing and many many ways.

Key Features:
  • Intelligent software to record, replay and edit keyboard & mouse macros.
  • Easy-to-use macro scripting & editing. Template wizard for quick macro creation.
  • Programmable macro script for professional programmers. VB script supported.
  • Thousands of useful macro scripts made by users on the internet.
  • Support both global and program-specific macros. Program-specific macros work only when certain window is in the foreground.
  • Reliability and accuracy guarantee.
Editor's Review:
Quick Macro(QMacro) is a Keyboard & Mouse macro utility. You can quickly make your Macro and play back your action. Some online game will be Easy with QMacro.

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