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Speed Gear 5.0 - User Guide and FAQ

Screenshots - More Details

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Start Speed Gear

After your installation , run Speed Gear as following steps:
Click on start -> programs -> Speed Gear -> Speed Gear

Step 1:(Drag speeder bar)

Drag the button to define the speed freely. Increase or decrease speed, as well as adjust to the speed you preseted immediately.

Step 2:(Apply!)

Press Apply button and get a new speed.

Set hotkey

You can set a series of hotkeys to change your Speed. Press hot key and change speed anytime, cool!!!

Press Setting button, you can find HotKey define options There are 10 hotkeys Enable for setting.

Four default hotkeys has been set:
  • Show this windows : call Speed Gear windows(ctrl+alt+s)
  • Speed up : up 1000 speed from current speed(ctrl+alt+up)
  • Speed down : down 1000 speed from current speed(ctrl+alt+down)
  • Set to default speed: set speed to default(ctrl+alt+d)
  • User defined speed 1 to 6: Define speed as you wish

Frequently Asked Questions - Speed Gear

  1. What is Speed Gear?
    Speed Gear is the amazing software, which can speed up Windows software, you can increase or decrease the speed, as you like!

  2. What can I do with it?
    Change software speed, such as games. Run fast in your game and easy win:)

  3. How does it work?
    Track bar speed control and press Apply button, or press hot key to change speed.

  4. Will the Speed Gear harm my computer from over clocking?
    No, it will not harm your computer because it does not over clocking your computer, but change your software speed.

  5. Will the Speed Gear ever harm my computer?
    No, as I explained, it changes your CPU usage, and the maximum CPU usage is always 100%, therefore it will not harm your computer ever.

  6. Why my machine crash when I increase the speed rate on the Speed Gear?
    Most common problem is that there are other programs loading while you increase your speed rate on Speed Gear tremendously, how to avoid the problem is that you must only increase the speed rate on Speed Gear slowly.

  7. Does the Internet connection speed increase if I increase the speed?
    No, It only changes the CPU speed!

Screenshots - More Details

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