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3D Flash Animator 4

Create 3D Flash animations and arcade-style games, and build sophisticated website interfaces.

Download Site 1       Download Site 2       Download Site 3       Buy Now $49.95

File Size:4,035 KB System:Windows 95/98/ME/2000/XP
License:Free to try ($49.95) Limitations:7 days
Date Added:12-01-2005 Requirements:at least 32 megs of memory

The Screenshot of 3D Flash Animator
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Software Description:
3D Flash Animator has all of the tools needed to create stunning animations, as well as all of the interactive components and programming power to build sophisticated website interfaces, and arcade-style games.

3D Flash Animator has an advanced set of painting and drawing tools and a number of different animation interfaces. You can choose from a wide range of special effects such as path animation, key framing, morphing, and motion blur. The timing of events can be given in frames or seconds. This software can support to create 3D animations and export them as Flash files. 3D models can be imported or built within the interface.

3D Flash Animator allows you to harness all the power of Flash MX action scripting. You can use scripting to control every aspect of a movie. It supports complex properties such as velocity and acceleration.

The programming interface is easy to use, and the user is provided with wizards and debugging tools. The language has been streamlined to make it simpler, more powerful, and better suited to developing interactive animations and so on.

Key Features:
  • Can create flash animations
  • Can create games and websites
  • Has advanced set of painting and drawing tools
  • Has a number of different animation interfaces
  • Support to create 3D animations
  • Support to extended HTML with tables.
  • Support XML database
Editor's Review:
3D Flash Animator has a number of tools of create flash animations, games and websites. And all this can be done using an interface that was designed to be as simple and easy to use as possible.

3D Flash Animator offers you some advanced set of painting and drawing tools. It includes 3D effects and automatic shadows. This application supports you making movies and creates 3D animations and exports them as flash files. You can use it to control every aspect of a movie. 3D Flash Animator also has a great number of different animation interfaces. This makes you choose from a wide range of special effects such as path animation, key framing, morphing, and motion blur. The timing of events can be given in frames or seconds.

3D Flash Animator is a professional animation tool. It provides you to powerful function for using widely.

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