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MagicViewer 3.5

A GIF animation program which enables you to make GIF animations, and edit high quality animations to your website and make your photos look better and unique.

Download Site 1       Download Site 2       Download Site 3       Buy Now $29.95

File Size:1,442 KB System:Windows 95/98/ME/NT/2000/XP/2003
License:Free to try ($29.95) Limitations:a few features are invisible
Date Added:01-04-2006 Requirements:Windows system

The Screenshot of MagicViewer
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Software Description:
MagicViewer enables you to create or edit high quality animations to your website and make your photos look better and unique. It lets you work with single images and animations seamlessly in the same work area.

You can use it to create an animation by importing a digital camera multiburst captured image, a group of existing image files, by inserting new frames, or by duplicating the opened image. This program allows you to optimize the animation to reduce file size for fast web download using either the Frame differencing or Minimum bounding rectangle method. You can also choose to use a single global color palette to further reduce the file size. MagicViewer has ability to automatically find an unused color in the palette to use as the transparency index, and calculate the lowest color bit depth required when saving GIF files.

MagicViewer supports you to enhance or edit your photos by adjusting brightness and contrast, applying blur and color effects, and so on. It allows you to preview thumbnails, view a slideshow and share photos via email or Web.

MagicViewer saves you time and frustration with the powerful and simple Batch Wizard. The batch processing lets you apply the same changes on multiple files with a single operation. You can use it on selected files to convert file formats, change color modes, rotate and resize images, rename and move files to a different directory.

MagicViewer also supports you printing a single image or an animation. You can print file and directory names in a contact sheet. Besides it has many other features can be used, you must be satisfied with MagicViewer.

Key Features:
  • Make GIF animations
  • Export animations to MNG (Multiple Network Graphics) format
  • Use of a global color palette
  • Automatically convert color mode to the optimal palette when saving GIF files
  • Split an animation into a sequence of image files return to top
  • Can edit various image formats
  • Support organizing frequently used folders into Favorites
  • Unlimited undo and redo
  • Support four effects
  • Create unlimited named batch scripts
  • Can organize and share photos online
  • And more...
Editor's Review:
MagicViewer is efficient software that can be used to create GIF animations, edit images and organize your photos, and so on. You can import animations from a file sequence or a multiburst image and export animations to multiple network graphics format. It supports you using of a global color palette. Also it has ability to change frame and split an animation into a sequence of image files.

This software can support almost image formats. It allows you to organize frequently used folders into favorites, and unlimited undo or redo. Besides it supports rotating and resizing images, you can use it to add various effects into your images, adjust brightness and contrast, change color modes, and do more and more.

It also supports creating unlimited named batch scripts, convert file format into JPEG, GIF, BMP and so on. You can use it to email pictures and publish pictures to an FTP location. And you also may print a single image or an animation, file comments and so on. It is very useful. Generally speaking, MagicViewer is the right one if you need to create animations, and edit or organize photos and images.

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